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New Digital Paper Pack Available: Witchy Cottage Apothecary - A Debut!

Introduction: I've been wanting to create digital scrapbook paper for a while now, and I finally got around to doing just that. This is my very first paper pack, and I'm so excited to introduce it! It is a "Witchy Cottage Apothecary" Theme.

Cottagecore Digital Scrapbooking journaling junk journal paper pack 300 DPI 12"x12" 3600x3600 pixels
Witchy Cottage Apothecary Digital Scrapbook Paper Etsy Thumbnail

This pack contains a total of 10 JPG images sized at 3600x3600 pixel resolution and 300 DPI. They're designed to be printed on 12x12 paper. If you have a printer at home that does 12x12 size, you can easily print them on your color printer. Otherwise the images could be sent to office depot or an equivalent store/website that has print services and they can be printed that way. These pages are intended to be used for personal use, and are perfect if you want some really unique pages for your scrapbook or handmade journal. I look forward to using them in my own!

This pack features 100% original art that I had originally created for this book that I published on Amazon. (Sidenote: I still legitimately love this book and it's still available for purchase on Amazon if you're interested. The blog post and link can be found here.) I told myself that if the book didn't get picked up by a formal publisher I would make the pages available as printable documents on Etsy. After waiting 6 months with no response from said publisher, I assume that it wasn't picked up - which is fine. This just opens up a different opportunity. :)

This paper pack contains about half of the pages that you would find in the book. There's a good chance that I will be listing the other pages if these seem to be doing alright.

Paper Pack Theme & Aesthetic:

This paper pack was created with a cottagecore aesthetic in mind. I made this collection of images picturing a group of witches who live in a picturesque fairytale cottage tucked away in the forest which doubles as an apothecary. They love to spend their time gardening, foraging for mushrooms, herbs, magical ingredients, and collecting other pretty things that they comes across in the forest that they inhabit. They surround themselves with beautiful things, and on the rare occasion that they go into the neighboring town, they loves to go antiquing and to secondhand shops where they look for (and always find) the most beautiful colored glass containers which they have a collection of.

I wanted the colors of this pack to be bright and a bit pastel, but also a bit dusty and earthy also. Although they pages all have a similar theme and look, I think that they would be diverse enough to work with many different projects.

Below are some scaled down images so that you can see how they would proportionally print out on square paper.

Witchy Cottage Apothecary Paper Pack Scaled Down Example 1

Witchy Cottage Apothecary Paper Pack Scaled Down Example 2

If you are interested in purchasing this digital pack, those JPGs can be purchased here. If you are interested in buying the book that I originally used them in, that can be purchased here.


I'm excited about the idea of making more printables. Procreate is such a fun program to use, and I would love to have an excuse to use it more. :) Anyway, thanks for reading - I hope that you have a happy new year and wish you all the best!


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