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My Commission for a Teacup Shop - Butterfly Figurines & a Surprise Sentimental Gift

I wanted to get on here really quickly to share a 3 piece commission that I completed a few months back. I've worked with this client before and she already has 2 or 3 pieces by me. The client uses these figurines as decor for her photos on her Etsy teacup shop, and they make quite a lovely pairing. Her husband also makes beautiful hand-turned wood pieces such as bowls and pens.

He actually helped us cut down a tree that was dying in our front yard, and made my husband and I this really cool bowl from the wood. I love how he kept the imperfections of the wood, and I feel really sentimental about this piece, as this is a physical representation of our first home. I really do love it. Before I start, here's a picture of it at-home with a fluorite palm stone nestled inside it. It's a perfect fit!

If you happen to be in the market for a really nice gift, or a unique vintage teacup, check out their shop. Or even if you're not, go play a game of hide-and-seek and see how many of my figurines you can see hidden in their listing photos. ;) Here's a link to their shop!

And without further ado, here are the new figurines that I made for her, as requested.

This first one was inspired by a sunflower and is both of our personal favorites! I was so happy with how this turned out. She actually purchased the floral embroidered lace for me to use, and it really made this piece look unique. The rest of the material was repurposed from thrift shop clothing.

For this next one, she wanted a figurine in navy with either gold or silver accents. This was the result. This one is the most detailed one and took me the longest to make. All of this fabric was repurposed as well.

This last one was the simplest to make since the lace I had already had textured details. It was a good use of the last bit of this scrap fabric that I had in my collection! This lace was actually purchased from a fancy fabric store in Houston, TX and I bought it as a fabric scrap. When their ream of fabric reaches the end of its use, they'll sell the remaining fabric at a discount. This is my favorite way to buy some of these more expensive lace fabrics without needing to sell a kidney.

Overall, I'm very happy with how they turned out. Admittedly I've had a bit of "Artist Block" and was a bit overwhelmed with a bunch of ideas and priorities. I also wasn't too sure what I wanted to do to complete some of these, but what really helped me get out of it was just starting again. It's amazing what happens when you choose to just start, even if you don't have a fully formed idea about how you want the project to turn out. For me, once I start, it make it much easier to develop new ideas and they usually come to me as I'm working.

Anyway, I hope you are all having a good day. Let me know which of these figurines is your favorite, or if you're interested in seeing some inspiration of how you can use my figurines, check out A Curious Place Teacups, or if you just want to buy pretty things. :)

By the way, I don't have any figurines listed in my own Etsy shop yet. These were something I was trying out, but I plan on making a couple to list on my Etsy shop. I do still have some butterfly/moth ornaments available if you'd like to check those out. They look exactly like this, except with a loop on the top so that they can be hung on a branch or a hook. Here's a link to my shop if you want to see what I have in stock. :)


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